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Charles Lefkowitz has been an instinctive sculptor since his youth.  He works predominantly in metal, creating the implication of motion from this static, rigid material.  His sculpture resonates at a human and universal level.  From the towering columns on Aurora, Colorado’s 17th Place Bridge, to his more intimate sculptural pieces, even to his hewn steel candelabra, Charles challenges the observer to see from a different perspective.  He fabricates creative, exciting, functional pieces for residential and commercial clients including fences, railings, safety gates and grates, and trellises for homes. Charles has designed and produced awnings, railings, planters, bike racks, tables with seating, shelving and myriad fittings for restaurants and bars.


Charles grew up in Potomac, Maryland and studied at the Corcoran School of Art and Design in Washington, DC.  He moved to Denver in 1999 and became a resident artist at The Other Side Arts (TOSA) in 2004. Charles served on TOSA’s Board of Directors from 2009 to 2012.    His work has been exhibited in Colorado since 2004 and has been acquired by collectors around the country.

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